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Farley EcoCO2 Laser Tube Machine

Farley LaserLab's EcoCO2 Laser Tube Machine is a great budget Engraving and Cutting Machine for plastics and wood materials

Utilizing the RECI CO2 Tube Laser it gives you the best quality for your Engraving and Cutting.


The EcoCO2 Tube Laser machines gives you a fully enclosed machines with access from top, front, back and sides to make loading and unloading sheets as easy as possible.


EcoCO2 Laser Tube Features


Laser Source RECI CO2 Laser Tubes
Cutting Widths 600mm, 900mm or 1300mm
Cutting Length 900mm, 1200mm or 2400mm
Water Chiller CW3000 or CW5200
Cutting Head

Auto Focus

Red Dot Position

Motors Stepper - X, Y anx Z
Table Honey Comb or Straight
Fume/Dust Collector Optional
AC Air Compressor Included

Blower Fan


Mini Rotary Chuck Included


 EcoCO2 Laser Tube Machine
RECI CO2 Tube Laser
CW Tube Laser Chiller


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