DM Contour

Farley DM Contour CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Farley LaserLab's DM Contour CNC CO2 laser cutting machine is designed for heavy industrial laser cutting, with a laser source up to 6kW CO2 Laser and a transfer table to give both speed and efficiency to give your business a step into the future.

Now with an even more affordable price starting at $450,000+ GST it means anyone can now start using the latest technologies for the business big and small.

The $450,000 package includes the DM Contour machine, External Cover (required for Australia), Rofin DCO20 2000W CO2 laser, Laser Water Chiller, Siemens Drives & Motors, Siemens CNC Controller, Cutting Table 3m x 1.5m, Transfer Table and the Precitec Laser Cutting Head.


Machine Details:

The proven, reliable and affordable laser cutting system, with automatic transfer table and excellent accessibility.

The Farley Laserlab Contour DM provides Laser cutting at a repeatable high performance level, with gantry structure, cast Al beam and double side rack and pinion driving system, which supply the machines with high dynamic response speed and 1G acceleration to make sure the corner cutting quality.  Exceptional mechanical design, time proven worldwide supported  Siemens 840D control system and German made speed reducer and matched skew gear moving structure are some of the many featured that allow for the machines' single axis maximum running speed up to 120m/min and max. combined speeds up to 165m/min while maintaining stability and precision.

The Contour DM can process plate up to 2m (6') wide and 6m (12') long in one set up, and can be programmed to automatically transfer new material to the processing station via the fully automated transfer table.


DM Contour Technical Data


CNC Controller Siemens 840D Controller
Cutting Widths 1.5m or 2.0m
Cutting Length up to 6.0m
Transfer Table up to 2.0m x 6.0m
Dimensions (1.5m x 3.0m)

8.5m x 2.3m x 2.0m (Machine)

Rapid Traverse up to 100m/min
Acceleration up to 1.0G
Accuracy ± 0.025mm
Repeatability ± 0.01mm

Material Thickness


20.0mm Mild Steel

10.0mm Stainless Steel

Laser Cutting Head Precitec Head
Servo Drives & Motors Seimens AC Servo


 Farley DM Contour CO2 Laser Machine
Rofin CO2 Laser Source
Laser Water Chiller
Siemens Drives & Motors
Precitec Laser Cutting Head
Sample Cut Pieces
Sample Cut Pieces


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