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Farley TP Pro Contour Pipe Cutting Machine

Farley Laserlabs new TPPro 6035 is a milestone advancement in new Fibre Laser cutting technology.

Specifically designed for high volume cutting of tubes and pipes the TP 6035 provides far greater efficiency than normal laser systems when cutting pipes and tubular metals.

New enhancements allow the TP6035 to position and move tubes and pipes mechanically (eliminating manual handling) to increase speed, precision and productivity.


Exclusive Functions of the TP6035 Laser Pipe Cutting Machine


Automatic Feeding system – regular and rectangular pipes can be integrated into a fully automated feeding process, without human operation.


Advanced clamping system can self adjust focus according to material size, automatically adjusting clamping force, this ensures that the correct amount of clamping force is applied so that pipes do not get damaged.


Corner fast cutting system provides fast response to corners, greatly improving cutting efficiency.


High efficiency unloading system – the TP6035 can be set to automatically unload finished work pieces, gently and safely in designated areas.



Length of Pipe 4000mm - 6500mm

Remnant Pipe Length <250mm

Max Pipe Cutting Length 3500mm

Max Weight of Pipe 200kgs


Laser Type 

3kw IPG or Raycus Fibre Laser


Cutting Parameters

X axis stroke 6500mm

Y axis stroke 250mm

Z axis stroke 180mm

Rapid Positioning speed 100m/min

X, Y Axes Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm

X, Y Axes Repeat Accuracy ±0.03mm

Cypcut CNC Controller

Cypcut Pipe Cam

Raytools Auto Focus Cutting Head

 Farley TP Pro Contour Pipe Laser Machine
IPG or Rayus Fiber Laser Source
Loading & Clamp
Rotary Clamp
Laser Pipe Cutting
Sample Cut Pieces


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