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Farley W.A.L.C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Farley LaserLab's W.A.L.C CNC Fiber Laser cutting machine is designed for heavy industrial laser cutting, with a laser source up to 30kW Fiber Laser to give you the heavy steel production cutting that previously only could be offered in CNC Plasma machines


Machine Details:

The Farley LaserLab WALC (Wide Area Laser Cutting Machine) is designed specially for cutting thicker materials with bigger plate sizes.

The machine can handle up to 6m Width by 50m Long sheet cutting.

Using the highest quality components of German Siemens Drives and Motors, German Precitec Laser Cutting head, German Alpha Planetary Gearboxes and heavy duty quality design of the cnc machine meaning you are getting the best that quality can purchase in this machine.


W.A.L.C Technical Data


CNC Controller ANCA or Siemens 840D Controller
Cutting Widths 3.2m up to 6.0m
Cutting Length 6.0m up to 50m
Servo Drives & Motors ANCA or Siemens AC Servo
Laser Cutting Head

Precitec Auto Focus Cutting Head

Rapid Traverse up to 80m/min
Acceleration up to 1.0G
Accuracy ± 0.025mm
Repeatability ± 0.01mm

Material Thickness


50.0mm Mild Steel

50.0mm Stainless Steel

50.0mm Aluminium



 Farley W.A.L.C Laser Machine
W.A.L.C Bevel Cutting
High Power Raycus Laser up to 30kW
Laser Water Chiller
ANCA or Siemens Drives & Motors
Bevel Sample
Sample Cut Pieces
Sample Cut Pieces


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